24 de julho de 2013

Novo sistema de aviso em caso de emergências da Agência Metereológica do Japão entre dia 30 de Agosto em vigor.



Emergency Warning System to be Launched 30 August 2013

As of 30 August 2013, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) will launch the Emergency Warning System*. Emergency Warnings are issued to alert people to the significant likelihood of catastrophes in association with natural phenomena of extraordinary magnitude.

* The law for Meteorological Service Act amendment states that the date of enforcement shall be specified by a government ordinance and shall be within three months of the day on which the law is promulgated (in this case, 31 May, 2013). The formal launch date of the Emergency Warning System will be specified by a government ordinance.

Residents should take all measures possible to protect themselves in the event that an Emergency Warning is issued.

What is an Emergency Warning?

JMA issues various warnings to alert people to possible catastrophes caused by extraordinary natural phenomena such as heavy rain, earthquakes, tsunami and storm surges. In addition to such warnings, advisories and other bulletins, JMA plans to start issuing Emergency Warnings to alert people to the significant likelihood of catastrophes if phenomena are expected to be of a scale that will far exceed the warning criteria.

Emergency Warnings are intended for extraordinary phenomena such as the major tsunami caused by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake by which 18,000 people were killed or left missing, the 1959 storm surge in Ise Bay caused by Typhoon Vera, by which more than 5,000 people were killed or left missing, and the 2011 heavy rain caused by Typhoon Talas, by which around 100 people were killed or left missing.

The issuance of an Emergency Warning for an area indicates a level of exceptional risk of a magnitude observed only once every few decades. Residents should pay attention to their surroundings and relevant information such as municipal evacuation advisories and orders, and should take all steps necessary to protect life.

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