7 de maio de 2012

Estão abertas as inscrições para a 6.ª edição do Prémio Internacional de Manga.

Mais informações aqui.

Application Period: until 15 June 2012
■1:Entries will be accepted for the 6th International MANGA Award from April 27.
   Guidelines for application (attached) and entry forms will be available 
   on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on this website.

■2:The International MANGA Award was established 
   to share Japanese pop culture and to help promote understanding of Japan. 
   It was created to honor MANGA artists who have contributed 
   to the promotion of MANGA overseas. This is the 6th such award,
   the selection of which was officially decided to be carried out 
   at the 6th International MANGA Award Executive committee.

■3:The Golden Prize of the 6th International MANGA Award will be given 
   to the best MANGA from all the entries and three distinguished works 
   will receive the Silver Prize. In addition, the Japan Foundation will invite 
   the prize winners to Japan to attend the award ceremony. 
   They will also have meeting with Japanese MANGA artists 
   and visit publishing companies, etc., in Japan.